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While studying for my Bsc, I created drawings with Carmen Benet from les Borges Borges, where I woke up to the idea of working with clay. During this period, I was given an entrance exam at the School of “Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos” in Tàrrega.

I then chose to follow the career path of Telecommunications Engineering, and that still is what I work at professionally, and it brings me a lot of satisfaction.

By mid- 2012, I was feeling the need to do artwork again and to show myself that I hadn’t forgotten it completely, because creativity has been present in my life in all areas , with my daily work in the world of IT, by making furniture, and through the transformation of objects and in all activities in general. Now I realize I have always been creative without really being aware of it.

Work with clay and wood represents to me the opening of a parenthesis in life and a new focus on the way to an unknown place, where the journey itself is what I enjoy and during this trip, everything is neutral, nothing is good or bad.

The other side, the transformation of objects, is more impulsive, though not fast, and arises from a concept or the urgent need to do what is in your head, because the ‘on’ switch can no longer to be turned off.

I have liked photography since the days of black and white where we developed the photos and made our reels. Now we can post a picture on the net, taken just now, and share it immediately.

Most of the techniques and skills that I have acquired are based on the discovery of someone who is self-taught and until recently, with the wise counsel of my father.

On this website, I will collect the objects and sort them to share with you.

I hope you like it.