While studying for my Bsc, I created drawings with Carmen Benet from les Borges Borges, where I woke up to the idea of working with clay. During this period, I was given an entrance exam at the School of “Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos” in Tàrrega.

I then chose to follow the career path of Telecommunications Engineering, and that still is what I work at professionally, and it brings me a lot of satisfaction.

By mid- 2012, I was feeling the need to do artwork again and to show myself that I hadn’t forgotten it completely, because creativity has been present in my life in all areas , with my daily work in the world of IT, by making furniture, and through the transformation of objects and in all activities in general. Now I realize I have always been creative without really being aware of it.

Work with clay and wood represents to me the opening of a parenthesis in life and a new focus on the way to an unknown place, where the journey itself is what I enjoy and during this trip, everything is neutral, nothing is good or bad.

The other side, the transformation of objects, is more impulsive, though not fast, and arises from a concept or the urgent need to do what is in your head, because the ‘on’ switch can no longer to be turned off.

I have liked photography since the days of black and white where we developed the photos and made our reels. Now we can post a picture on the net, taken just now, and share it immediately.

Most of the techniques and skills that I have acquired are based on the discovery of someone who is self-taught and until recently, with the wise counsel of my father.

On this website, I will collect the objects and sort them to share with you.

I hope you like it.




2023 interview on the television “Canal Blau TV” of Vilanova i la Geltrú – Local artist in Sitges ReciclArt

2023 participation in the “Sitges ReciclArt 2023” in C.C. Miramar – Sitges – Group exhibition

2023 participation announcement of cars rolled in Pujades building in Barcelona

2022 winner of the “Oliverart 2022” contest of the “Centre de la Cultura de l’oli de Catalunya” with work installed outdoors.

2020 participation in the book “Assemblage” of “Col·lectiva Collage” with four works.

2020 “Las Meninas” – Focus 7 Art Gallery – Sitges – Group exhibition

2020 participation in the “Sitges ReciclArt 2020” at Can Falç de Mar – Sitges – Collective exhibition

2020 participation in “DrapArt 2020” at Sala Brogui – Barcelona – Group exhibition

2019 “Insects” – Focus 7 Art Gallery – Sitges – Group exhibition

2019 creation of the trophy “Premi Molla d’Or 2019” – Barcelona

2019 participation announcement telephony shot at the Carles Taché Gallery in  Barcelona

2018 “La Meninas” – Fernando Suarez Gallery” – Sitges – Solo exhibition

2018 participation in the Armani ad shot at the “Fundació Mies van der Rohe” in Barcelona

2017 participation in Artesania i Sostenibilitat – “Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya” – Collective exhibition

2016 finalist in the Pere Jou Sculpture Contest in Sitges

2015 participation in “DrapArt 2015”  – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona CCCB – Collective exhibition

2014 “Interpretations”  – Biblioteca Marques Olivart –  Les Borges Blanques – Solo exhibition

2013 “Forms” – Sala Girona Innovació – Girona – Solo exhibition