Do you want to know what they are and how are Interpretations built?

What is an “Interpretation” ?


I have always been interested to know ‘how’ the objects works, and early childhood I have dismounted to understand it.

Reassemble the parts, following a purely esthetic criteria, and a functional fit of the parts that has been designed with this object, raises sculptures that keep the soul, and if I may, the energy of the object .

The goal is to recycle this object respecting the construction of each of the elements to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing sculptures.

This is called ‘Interpretations‘

An ‘interpretation‘ is a sculpture created with elements of an object such as a sewing machine, to write, and the following these premises:

The pieces remain intact.
Do not make any hole or cut, or curvatures.
To join the pieces are going screws, molds, clips of the object itself and not use any external element or glues

The process is as follows:

It performs the de-construction of the object, part by part.
Are chosen and assembled the pieces to create the sculpture.
The interpreted object can offer one or several sculptures.
The works are made with own materials of the object, basically ferrous materials.

81065 Interpretation of sewing machine PFAFF 28

81064 Interpretation of sewing machine RIMOLDI B27

81063 Interpretation of sewing machine PFAFF KL953

41026 Interpretation of typewriter

51035 Interpretation of typewriter

51034 Interpretation of sewing machine

41025 Interpretation of typewriter

31017 Interpretation of sewing machine Sigma

31016 Interpretation of sewing machine Alfamatic 109